Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Unclear on the Concept (Internet Content Division)

A couple weeks ago I was watching the "Daily Show" over on (because I'm too cheap to buy even basic cable), and the video stream broke for a commercial. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Screen went blank, I got the little "spinning wheel of pain" for ten seconds or so, and then this message appeared:
Let's see if I can list all the things that are just wrong about this...
  • They're apologizing because they can't rot my brain with a commercial--in other words, they assume I'm disappointed because they couldn't shove a brain-rotting ad in my face
  • They're giving me advice about how to make sure I won't miss the next commercial--in other words, they assume I have such a desire to watch ads that I'll actually screw around with my computer's settings so the ads come in properly
  • And they think I'll email their support folks if I'm unable to receive all the mind-numbing commercials I'm entitled to
This just might be a new record in the category of Unclear On The Concept. Or, perhaps, a sign of the extent to which our society is hooked on advertising. After all, it's said that people who hate football still have Super Bowl parties--to sit and watch the ads. And a few weeks back, as part of the marketing campaign for the movie Avatar, Fox TV ran an ad on Sunday night, reminding people to tune in Monday night to see... an ad for the movie.

A society that hooked on advertising is just a little scary, folks...

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