Sunday, March 7, 2010

Read An E-Book Week

Yep, March 7-13 is officially Read An E-Book Week, so declared by... well, by whoever declares such things. It's been recorded in Chase's Calendar of Events since 2004, and that's good enough for me.

Anyway, what makes it important is discounts and freebies. Twilight Times books, including my own opus The Last Protector, are available with some serious discounts at the Barnes & Noble E-book store. (Click HERE to see what a pittance B&N is asking for a book that took me nine years to write. Oh, the humanity...) Furthermore, TTB is giving away free downloads of several titles this week (not including my book). Click HERE to check out the freebies. The specific freebies vary from day to day, so visit early and often... just pretend the TTB website is a Chicago polling place...

If you're new to e-books, know that you don't need to buy an expensive, special-purpose reading device. Barnes & Noble's e-book software is free, and runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch, various species of Blackberry, and of course PCs and Macs. The freebie downloads from TTB are available in HTML and PDF, which can be viewed on anything. Well, just about anything, anyway. I just downloaded today's TTB freebie (Behold the Eyes of Light by Geoff Geauterre) in HTML format, and opened it up on my NEC MobilePro 900 "saddlebag computer." This is a little handheld PC running Windows CE, a machine that hasn't seen a software update since about 2004. If an e-book will work on that antique, it'll work on anything.

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